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The Website of AMAIR CO. and Arvid von Nordenflycht

AMAIR CO has been in aviation consulting for over 20 years .

Arvid has years of experience flying the big jets!

We offer:

* Aircraft Leasing

* Hangar Rentals

* Site Inspections by Air

* Tour Arrangements and Planning

* Manufacturer's Representation

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* Consulting in Aviation related Fields.

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756ezly The Cessna T182RG is current our favourite traveling machine.
Which we can fly to most North American Airports........

And organize journeys to far-away places such as a fuel stop in: Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands.



World Famous Sign Forest in Watson Lake, BC

Enjoy the scenery to Alaska by the St. Elias Range.


Or sightseeing in Whitehorse, Yukon!




Visiting the edge of the Arctic by Churchill, Manitoba






And other famous sites like Mt. Rushmore



Visiting the Paris Air Show June 2005  



  Back home in Torrance with friends for de-briefing.
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